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I am a professional Thai teacher who has been teaching the Thai language to foreigners for more than 15 years. My formal education includes two bachelor degrees: one in Teaching Thai Language, and the other in Tourism Industry (with accreditation by the Thai government). The combination of my experience and educational background make me well qualified to teach the Thai language to foreigners.

Based on my experience, I have created my own methods for teaching the Thai language, using a combination of games, flashcards, and the textbooks that I have written. I have developed two versions of the textbooks: the first uses English phonetic spelling, for use with students who are only interested in learning to speak and understand the spoken word; the second textbook, using the Thai alphabet, is intended for those who want to speak, read, and write the Thai language.

Whether you are interested in a short, intensive course to match your short visit to Thailand, or a long-term, in depth course, for those who intend to make Thailand their permanent residence, my teaching methods and materials will ensure success.

My classes are fun and modern and serve all levels of learner. l will teach you at your own pace and, if suitable, at the location of your choice.  It is the student's decision as to how many hours per week they choose to study.

You will be amazed at how quickly you can learn the Thai language by studying with me!

Please contact me ...A-jaan Lah (Making an appointment is required before coming to the class)


Advantages of Speaking Thai:

- allows you to get to know Thai people on a personal level

- you can learn about Thai culture directly from the Thai people

- it will simplify your day to day transactions while living in Thailand

- learning a foreign language is stimulating and has very positive effects on the brain at all ages

- you will improve your ability and confidence to conduct business in Thailand

- most importantly, you will enrich your Thai living experience by being able to speak and understand the language

ED Visa

Please note that Education (ED) visa is not provided for this course.

Thai Greeting

สวัสดี ค่ะ   สวัสดี ครับ
sawatdee ka   sawatdee krap
hello ( female speaking )   hello ( male speaking )


Learn Thai chaw-chaang with Lah

ช ช้าง